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  • Seated Chest Press

    Features :
    It Exercises the Chest,front of shoulder and rear upper arm in a comfortable seated position.
  • Peck Deck

    Features :
    Peck deck develop the pectoral muscles of the chest and shoulders.
  • Dumble Rod Stand
  • Wieght Plate Rack
  • High Lat Pully

    Features :
    develops and strengthen the Upper body & the Board flat Latisimus dorsi muscles of the back.
  • Preacher Curl

    Features :
    Exercises the Biceps muscle at the front of the upper arms.
  • Squat Machine

    Features :
    It helps to strengthen knee and Calf muscles.
  • Wrist Conditioner

    Features :
    It helps to strengthen Wrist and Forearms.
  • Easy Power Station

    Features :
    It is a modified unit to perform chin-ups and dips exercises.
  • Cable Cross Over

    Features :
    A multi machine used for chest shoulder,Triceps & Biceps.
  • Smith Machine
  • Vertical Leg Press
  • Hack Squat

    Features :
    Develops strengthens whole leg muscles
  • Hip Flexor With Dipping
  • Bench & Shoulder Press

    Features :
    A basic exercise to develop Chest and shoulder, strengthen upper arm, work the pectoral muscles & deltoids.
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